November 2018

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Volunteer Weekend Job List – W/E 08/12/2018

Start time 10:00hrs. Weekend Responsible Officer: Mel Bailey 07854413518. Please let me know by Friday if you are able to attend. Email please Only internal trackwork this week. In readiness to put Locos back on rails. See area one. We have a petrol driven impact drill on hire to trial it this week. This…

Volunteer Weekend Job List – W/E 24/11/2018

Volunteer Weekend Job List  - W/E 24/11/2018

Schoma Locos. Workshop– Continue to finish cleaning up the Schoma Locos. Removal of flaking paints and debris within the engine compartment on both Loco’s. Clean down and tidy both Schoma Loco’s cab areas. Do additional work as required by Schoma supervisor William. The workshop now separated into sections of Three rings for groups to operate…