AGM 2016

In Attendance :

Mel Bailey
Keith Sturgess
Paul Gibbs
John Tavender ( ? )
Stuart Hedley
Alan Oliver
Tim Lutz

Paul Vernum
Pete Bailey
Wilf Baker
Angus Townley

Apologies Received :
Kate Bilmore
Harry Bilmore
Ron Stewart
William Coleman
Graham Shepperd
Julie Reed

The Meeting opened at 19:30.

Minutes of last AGM
Proposed : Angus Townley
Seconded : Paul Vernum
Agreed by show of hands.

Matters Arising :

Chairman’s Report : Mel Bailey advised that there was now the sum of £22,320.00 from S.S.E. awaiting draw down.
A vote of thanks was proposed by Angus Townley, to Mel, for all the good work he has done.
Agreed unanimously by show of hands.

Treasurer’s Report : Received from Wilf Baker : Membership receipts stand at £230.00, after repayment of loan of £300.00 from Mel, the society stands solvent by the sum of £241.30.
After discussion, a vote of thanks to Wilf was proposed by Mel and agreed unanimously by show of hands.

Election of Officers:
Mel was re-elected as Chairman unopposed.
Tim was proposed by Mel as “committee member”. Agreed unanimously by show of hands.

Official change of name : “Crowle Peatland Railway” proposed by Keith Sturgess and seconded by Stuart Hedley. Agreed.

Model constitution as per discussion. Proposed by Stuart Hedley, seconded by Paul Vernum. Agreed.

Meeting closed at 20:00.