General Meeting 11/02/15

Crowle & Thorne Moors Peat Railway Society – General Meeting 11th February 2015

Attendees; Mel Bailey, Wilf Baker, Keith Sturgess, Trevor Spink. Angus Townley, Tim Lutz,Rob Ward, Barry Reed, Paul Vernum, William Coleman, Paul Arnold, Stuart Hedley, Adrian Blackbourn

Apologies; David and Kate Billmoor. Harry Billmoor, Paul Gibbs, Graham Sheppard. Alan Oiiver

The Meeting was chaired by Mel Bailey.
  1. Loco and equipment. The chairman updated those attending the meeting that the purchase of the loco and other items of peat winning equipment had been completed. Mel shared a copy of the purchase contract.
  2. Movement of the loco to the proposed new site. It will be necessary to move the loco and other items into temporary storage whilst a lease is arranged with North Lincolnshire council on Crowle moor. William Mason, a local farmer has offered his services to move the loco and store it until an agreement has been reached with North Lincolnshire Council. [Post meeting  note the loco and most of the equipment was moved on saturday 28th February.] Action: Volunteers to assist with the move. Keith to arrange 2 6m long strops with a SWL of 3t.
  3. Accommodation at new site. The chairman explain that there was a straight run of approximately 500m that could be used to run the loco. A new structure will be built behind Tim Allen’s hut on Crowle Moors. It was originally proposed that a ‘Romney Hut’ would be purchased as this would match the existing hut on the site. The relative merits of different types of structure that could be built by the membership was discussed. A final decision will be made in light of what will be permitted on the site.
  4. Requirement for Insurance. Investigating insurance for the society – Walker Midgley at Sheffield was proposed.
  5. Application for charity status. The chairman and Ron Stewart have been working on  anew constitution that will be compliant with the Charities Commission. The Society would take the form of a Company limited by guarantee with charitable status.
  6. Situation with North Lincolnshire Council. The chairman has been working on a lease from North Lincolnshire Council for the new location. It is unlikely to be completed in advance of the election in May.
  7. Situation with Natural England. Natural England have arranged for the maintenance shed at Top Bank to be demolished. [Post meeting note. When we collected the loco the shed had been demolished but the site had not been fully cleared/tidied.]
  8. Update on heritage lottery fund. Progress on the landscape partnership has slowed down for a number of reasons. The landscape partnership website can be found at
  9. Question and answers from the Agenda. A discussion was held on how much of the restoration of the loco should be done by members of the society. It was resolved that the society would restore as much of the loco as possible and only seek the assistance of external organisations where the skills did not exist in house.
  10. AOB – No further business
  11. Date and time of next committee meeting.
  12. Date and time of next members update meeting.

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