AGM 2014


HELD ON 21 MAY 2014

In attendance : M.Bailey, A.Townley, W.Coleman. P.Vernum, W.Baker, P.Johnson, G.Sheppard, R.Stewart.

1.Apologies : T.Lutz, H.Billamore, A.Blackburn.

2.Chirman’s Address : The Chairman re-iterated the content of the meeting/ presentation by Natural England held on 19 March 2014 illustrating the complexity and frustrations of the discussions that had taken place over the past months. Significant progress has been made and once the “Heads of Agreement” have been established it will be possible to start work. All work will be done on site and a priority will be the security of the building

3.Treasurer’s Report : Income of £185 from subscriptions, £125 donations, £0.19 interest. Expenditure Nil. Balance £310.19

4.Elections : There being no other applications and the retiring members offering themselves for re-election all were selected en-bloc.  R. Stewart ( Secretary), A. Blackburn ( H&S Adviser), H. Billmore( Committee).

5.Subscriptions : In light of the pace of development over the past year it was agreed existing members have subscription payments suspended for 1 year until May 2015, but new members to pay as previously established.

6.Constitution : It was proposed by A.T. , seconded by W.B. That the Constitution remain as is. Approved.

7. D.O.N.M. : May 2015. Exact date to be advised.

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