MEMBERS’ MEETING – 12 July 2017

MEMBERS’ MEETING – 12 July 2017

In Attendance : M.Bailey, C.Cooper, P.Gibbs, S.Hedley, K.Sturgess, J.Bigney, J.Tavender, T.P. Spink, T.Lutz, P.Vernum, G.Sheppard, N.Waller, R.Stewart.

Apologies : A. Townley, D.Bailey, J.Reed, W.Baker, P.Schofield (HLF)

Minutes of Last Meeting : Proposed S.H. Seconded T.S..–Approved.

Matters Arising :

Hoist – deposit paid

Meeting venue – the “old” Town Council Office is no longer available, Until such time as the Railway’s building is complete venues will be arranged on an ad-hoc basis.

Update Report :
Planning approval for the new building has been granted but with conditions on working time and noise levels ( Saturday working 9am – 5pm, Sunday – no excess noise allowed). Track work within 12 feet of badger sets to be done by hand. A track protected by mesh may have to be laid for use by water voles).
50% payment to Evans for building being processed. The cost of the building has increased. J.R approaching SSE for extra funding.
HLF belatedly demanded 3 quotes for the building but that has been achieved.
Building delivery due mid September. P.S. overseeing.
Progress on the base specification is with Mason Clarks and is due in 3 weeks, then straight to tender.
Rail track ( 1700 m) already paid for waiting delivery until building secure.
T.S. has obtained materials and tools for production of the gantry as a contribution from his employers.

Future Plans
Workshop rails to be fitted directly to floor.
For erection of the building a cherry picker and digger are available for use.
Project Plans to be updated.


Changes to Banking Practice
To facilitate business the Treasure sought approval to operate on-line banking. Subject to further determination of security arrangements including possible double passwording etc the principle was approved. Proposed T.L., Seconded N.W. 12 in favour, 1 abstention. ACTION : C.C.

Future Meetings
As the use of the “old” Crowle and Ealand Town Council Office is no longer available meeting in the immediate future will be subject to ad-hoc arrangements. From October onwards the meetings will be held in the Railway’s new building.

Distribution of Minute
Henceforth minutes will be posted on the website, not by individual posting.
Possible password to Members’ area to be researched. ACTION : A.T.

Skill Sets
Members are reminded of the request to advise skill sets to help task allocations.

D.O.N.M. – T.B.A

Meeting Closed : 8.15 p.m.

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