AGM 2015


Crowle & Thorne Moors Peat Railway Society

Annual General Meeting – 11 June 2015




Present: Mel Bailey Keith Sturgess Dave Bilmore Wilf Baker Paul Gibbs

Paul Arnold William Coleman Tim Lutz Angus Townley

Stuart Hedley


Apologies: Paul Vernum, Graham Shepherd, Ron Stewart, Kate Bilmore,

Harry Bilmore Julie Reed


Minutes of Last AGM:


The meeting was chaired by the society chairman, Mel Bailey


Chairman’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report – Wilf Baker:

At the end of 2014 we had 18 full members and 1 junior member which gave us an income of £185 from member- ship. We also had 2 donations one for £100 and another for £25 a total of £125. plus interest of 79p which gave us a total income of £310.79p which was carried forward to this year.

So far this year we have 21 members giving an income of £210 from subscriptions. The only expense we have at this time is £10 for our membership to Voluntary Action North Lincs this giving us a profit of £200 this year so far. This added to what was carried forward from last year gives us a balance of £510.79. Out of that we have to pay for tonight’s nibbles and as your treasurer I should say a small donation for this is always welcome.

The good news is that subs next year will remain at £10. The year will still be January to December which might change as things change members will be informed by email.

This is not blackmail but we will have to find a new bank as Nationwide do not now operate business, charity or community accounts and this will fall on the new treasurer if I am not re-elected.

Finally can I say to my follow officer thanks for all the effort you have put in over the year. The accounts and bank Book is available should anyone wish to see them.


Acceptance of the New Constitution:

The chairman presented the new constitution which had been developed by himself and the secretary with support from VANL. The constitution had been developed to be compliant with the needs of the Charity Commission.

Wilf Baker proposed that the new constitution be accepted, Angus Townley seconded the resolution and this was passed unanimously.


Confirmation of Trustees

Mel Bailey, Angus townley, Ron Stewart, Wilf Baker, Julie Reed, Keith Sturgess, Paul Vernum were proposed as Trustees of the Society.


Stuart Hedley proposed that the trustees be appointed, Dave Bilmore seconded the resolution and this was passed unanimously.


Election of Officers

Under the current constitution the posts that were due for renewal were as follows;


Position Proposed Seconded
Treasurer Wilf Baker Angus Townley Stuart Hedley
Fund Raiser Julie Reed Dave Bilmore Paul Arnold
Membership Secretary Wilf Baker Mel Bailey Tim Lutz
Committee Member 2 Paul  Vernum Wilf Baker Mel Bailey

All were unanimously elected.


Date of next meeting

The next AGM will be organised in accordance with the new constitution.

The meeting was closed at 7:47

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