Acquisition of Schoma Loco 5130

The third Schoma loco 5130 was kept at Hatfield Peat Works where it was the gate guardian. The loco was originally acquired in 1990 and, at different times, worked on both Hatfield and Thorne Moors.

Crowle Peatland Railway
5130 ‘on duty’ at Hatfield Peat Works as gate guardian.

In 2019 Evergreen Horticulture kindly offered the loco to the Crowle Peatland Railway.

The loco was moved to The Old Peatworks in June and joined its two brothers for the first time in a long while.

Loco on its way to Crowle Moors.
The three Schoma Locos Reunited
The three Schoma Locos together at last.

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