Renovation of Simplex Loco 40s302

The simplex loco is our oldest locomotive and has never left the Humberhead peatlands after being purchased new by Fisons in 1967.

It was built by Motor Rail Limited at their Bedford Works. Originally supplied with a short cab, the cab was extended to make it easier for operators to get in and out of.

It was put to work at Fison’s Hatfield Peat Works but by the 1990s was photographed working on Thorne Moors. By 1996 it was photographed in an abandoned state at Bank Top – it does not appear to have been used after then and was left in the open until recovered by Crowle Peatland Railway in 2015.

The loco is being renovated by the Engineering Department of North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe as an enrichment project for their students. This is being supervised by our member Dave Bilmore, who has previously owned a simplex loco.

Visit to Bank Top 11 August 2013
The simplex loco in 2013
Crowle & Thorne Moors Peat Railway
Simplex loco 40s302 looking unloved and unwanted state at Bank Top. immediately prior to recovery in 2015.
Crowle & Thorne Moors Peat Railway
The loco after recovery at a local farm

North Lindsey College

In mid-2018 the simplex loco was delivered to North Lindsey College in order to restore it to its former glory.

Engineering students will be working on the project as part of their course and be part of the project.

“It’s been a great opportunity for the society to work with North Lindsey College on such an important project; this particular locomotive was used on the moor as one of the workhorses.”

Emma Carter, (North Lindsey College Level 2 Engineering student, will be working on the project and said, “I am really excited about this and can’t wait to start taking it apart and putting it back together again. I will enjoy looking at the mechanisms and how they work and how they differ from today’s modern engineering techniques.”

Simplex loco 40s402 at North Linsey College
Simplex Loco 40s302 at North Lindsey College
Crowle Peatland Railway
Crowle Peatland Railway
Crowle Peatland Railway
Simplex Loco at North LIndsey College
Crowle Peatland Railway
I think we can assume that the bearing journals have had it! 😉 – Probably reason for abandonment.
Crowle Peatland Railway
Crowle Peatland Railway
Simplex Loc at North Lindsey College - Progress December 2018
Head off the engine block – apart from being gunked up it looks to be in good condition. Fear not! I am assured the pieces in the left-hand cylinder are part of the gasket and not a broken cylinder ring.
View of the cylinders after cleaning
Sump Off
A view looking up at the engine after removing the sump.
Simplex Loc at North Lindsey College - Progress December 2018
Chassis – cleaned up and undercoated ready for reassembly.
Simplex Loc at North Lindsey College - Progress December 2018

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  1. You website is very interesting.
    The one irritating thing is that nowhere does it show the location of the railway!

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