Volunteer Weekend Job List – W/E 24/11/2018

Schoma Locos.

  • Workshop– Continue to finish cleaning up the Schoma Locos.
  • Removal of flaking paints and debris within the engine compartment on both Loco’s.
  • Clean down and tidy both Schoma Loco’s cab areas.
  • Do additional work as required by Schoma supervisor William.

The workshop now separated into sections of Three rings for groups to operate in.
Starting at the Moor end roller door. The Rings have now been numbered (Thanks to David and Bob for
putting them higher than I could reach).

Area 1:This is from ring 1 to 3 Moor end roller door

  • Clean up all remains of wood dust and shaving from between the trackwork. And sweep floor.
    Unfasten some of the clamps on the track and turn them over Check with Mel for the correct way up.

Area two: This is the area from ring 3to ring 6.

  • Sweep and general tidy up e.g. straighten up and wipe down cabinets,

Area three: This area is from ring 6 to ring 9.

  • General cleaning of floor and cabinets.

Area Four: This is from ring 9 to 12.

  • All new green chairs have been cleaned and put into use.
  • Cabinets and cupboards in this area have been sorted out and labelled.

Area five: This area is from Ring 12 to 16 car park roller door.

  • Most of the machinery had been re-assembled and now requires cleaning down and painting We expect
    this will go-on for several weeks.
  • There are many boxes of tools that need sorting out and identifying then cleaned a list of spanner sizes
    needs collating, this will enable to put together tool-kits and an inventory for each one.

Electrical installation will be taking place until completed. This is now likely to start from Ring 1 towards
ring 16 The scaffolding movement must take priority by making sure any obstructions are removed to
facilitate safe access to the roof space. Thanks to Pete and John for sorting out the conduit we now
know exactly how to handle the roof shape.

General duties.

  • General Shed.
  • Bins to empty.
  • Walk ways to clean.

Weekend Responsible Officer: Mel Bailey
With thanks Mel. If there are any questions please ring me on 07854413518

Finally our needs.
We are in the market for

  • A metal cutting band saw or reciprocating saw.
  • A good sized milling machine.
  • Welding equipment all types.
  • A Bance impact drill for fixing fishplates and screwing (This has its own petrol engine).
  • We are looking to borrow a large still Saw for cutting stone.
  • We need spades, shovels, picks, hammers and barrows.
  • Oil cans
  • Oil to put in the oil cans (clean, either multi-grade or one grade)
  • Cans of WD40
  • Wire brushes, hand
  • Wire brushes for electric drills.
  • Paint brushes
  • Drill bits all sizes
  • Shovels
  • Spades
  • Pickaxes
  • Dustpans
  • Brooms

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