Crowle Peatland Railway Chronology

November 1

Initial Ideas

4 of us were sat around a table in the Lock, Stock & Barrel pub in Crowle and the idea of some form of preservation society to preserve the history of peat extraction on the moors and particularly its railways came up. As it was known there was a loco..Read More
May 13

Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the society was held at Ealand Victory Hall to adopt a constitution and to elect officers of the society.
March 1

Simplex Recovered

The Simplex Locomotive was recovered from Bank Top on Thorne Moors where it had been left after peat extraction finished. From photos in “The Peat Railways of Thorne and Hatfield Moors” the loco appears to have been abandoned in a siding. In addition to the loco we also acquired a..Read More
June 30

Acquisition of Schomas 5220 & 5129

The two Schoma locos (5220 & 5129) and three slave units were acquired by Crowle Peatland Railway and remained in Norfolk until storage at Crowle was sorted out.
October 11

Site visit

Site visit for members to Crowle Peatworks to see where our base was going to be constructed.
February 16

Visit to Norfolk

Visit to see locos in Norfolk – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=CrowlePeatlandRailway&set=a.966014746826832
May 10

Schoma Locos delivered to Crowle

The two Schoma Locos and Slave units were delivered from Ray King’s site in Norfolk. They were initially stored in an existing Romney Hut on the Crowle Peatworks site (The Goat Shed). https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/124804883@N07/26658012870/
July 23

First Open Day

Open day to view static locos in the Goat Shed. They were not even on rails at that time – this was part of International Bog Day.
September 11

Heritage Open Days 2016

Heritage Open Days. Visit to see locos as part of Isle of Axholme Minibus Tour
May 13

Simplex move to The Old Peatworks

Simplex loco and peat winning equipment moved from Farm storage site to The old Peatworks https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=CrowlePeatlandRailway&set=a.1341975775897392