Crowle Peatland Railway

The railway was formed to preserve the history and heritage of the Humberhead Peatlands, in particular the railways.

Breaking News
Crowle Peatland Railway is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a significant piece of Irish peat railway history, the Bord na Mona locomotive LM336.
LM336 is a classic example of the Wagonmaster design, a series of powerful 0-4-0 locomotives built by the Hunslet Engine Company from the early 1960s for the Irish Peat Commission (Bord na Mona). These locomotives played a vital role in transporting peat across Ireland for many years.
“We are incredibly excited to welcome LM336 to the Crowle Peatland Railway,” said Will Coleman, Trustee at the Railway, who has been responsible for its acquisition. “These Wagonmaster locomotives are not only powerful and functional but also represent an important chapter in Irish industrial history. LM336 will be a fantastic addition to our fleet and we look forward to sharing it with our visitors. The purchase of this locomotive was only possible after generous donations from our members.”
LM336 is currently undergoing a comprehensive inspection to ensure it operates safely and reliably on the Crowle Peatland Railway. Once operational, visitors will have the opportunity to ride behind this historic locomotive and experience a unique piece of Irish peat-railway history.
Our next open weekend will be July 13th & 14th 2024.

Peat has been extracted from the moors since at least medieval times. When large-scale peat extraction started in the 19th century a network of 3ft gauge horse-drawn railways was established. It was not until the 1950s/60s that locomotives started to take over from horses.

We have open days throughout the year from Easter with special openings at Halloween and Christmas.

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