Little Peat

– The Story of a Lost and Found Engine


I am the Tiddy Mun. I have been on the Moors forever and a day and I am the Story Keeper. Everything and everyone here has a story to tell – the peat, the water, the flying birds and running creatures. Have you a story for me? No? Then perhaps you should take the time and make one of your own, eh? Meanwhile, I’ve got a story for you and it’s all about a busy little railway engine who got lost on the Moors and how it was found again. Now the peat railway on the moors with all its flora and fauna and folklore has been turned into a book for children.

This new book is called LITTLE PEAT. It’s written by Addy Farmer and illustrated by Darren Gate. You can read it soon! It comes out on 11th December when the railway has its Christmas open weekend. But you can order it here and now. It costs £6.99.

Remember the launch date because you can meet the author and have your copy signed! She’ll be running lots of crafty sessions all that weekend as well and she would love to meet you!

Darren has kindly created a video to show you how he worked to bring the story to life with fantastic pictures – why don’t you take a look? I think I look especially fabulous! The other member of the team is Simona Sideri. She is the editor and designer of LITTLE PEAT. Without her, nothing would get done!

Find out more about how the illustrator developed his pictures.


Find out more about how the illustrator developed his pictures.

Little Peat is a wonderful story of a long forgotten and sometimes mysterious past. This history is of our great peatlands and of local people who lived and worked there until the 1990s. Peatlands were home to wonderful wildlife but industrial working destroyed the sites and the plants and animals and caused flooding and even climate change. Today we are restoring the peat and wetlands for nature and for our own futures.Professor Ian D. Rotherham, author of ‘Peat & Peat Cutting’, and of ‘The Lost Fens’

This heartwarming and beautiful book explores heritage and change, bringing the Moors and their history to life with the most wonderful descriptions and illustrations. Delightful in every way.Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of ‘How to be Extra-Ordinary’

Addy is an award winning children’s writer living in rural North Lincolnshire where she cycles and enjoys the big sky. She is published with Walker and Random House. Two of her picture books have been adapted for music and theatre. She is now writing a series called, Icky World, in which she will be delving into mud, slime, mould and poo! Addy is represented by Darley Anderson Literary Agency.
Darren Gate is a children’s illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Darren has illustrated for several picture books, chapter books educational resources and magazines. His passion for drawing started when he was much younger as he ran around his grandparents’ garden drawing slugs, snails, and other insects. Since then, Darren has found a passion for drawing people, children and animals.
Simona Sideri is an editor based in London
Simona has been an editor of children’s books for 25 years, working for publishers as well as offering design and production services direct to authors, such as Addy Farmer! She loves helping writers develop their text and working with illustrators as they weave their magic to make beautiful and engaging books together.

Publication of this book would not have been possible without the generous support of a number of organisations;

Keadby Windfarm Community Funds

Crowle & Ealand Town Council

North Lincolnshire Council – Arts Development

North Lincolnshire Children’s Literacy Trust

Isle of Axholme Lions Club

Epworth & Isle of Axholme Rotary Club

Isle of Axolme & Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership