Wagonmaster LM336

LM336 Is picked up at Boora on Monday 17th June 1984 for shipment to Crowle

Crowle Peatland Railway acquired their BNM Wagonmaster Loco in June 2024. After money was raised by members the loco was transported from Ireland on 19th June 2024 and was unloaded at the Old Peatworks on 20 June 2024.

The Irish Peat Commission (Bord na Mona) and the Wagonmaster Locomotives

The Irish Peat Commission, also known as Bord na Mona, used narrow gauge railways to transport peat across Ireland. Initially, they relied on Ruston & Hornsby diesel locomotives but later sought more powerful options.

  • Trial and Success: Bord na Mona built a prototype locomotive in 1961 and after trials, contracted the Hunslet Engine Company to produce a design called the “Wagonmaster”.
  • Production and Delivery:
    • An initial order of 25 locomotives was placed in 1962 and delivered by November 1963.
    • Manufacture of the locos continued until 1986.
  • Specifications:
    • These 0-4-0 diesel hydraulic locomotives weighed 9 ton 8 cwt and were powered by a 6-cylinder Ford 590E engine generating 80hp.
    • They had four forward and reverse speed options ranging from 2.4 to 15.3 mph.
    • The locomotives were known for their ability to handle curves as sharp as 60ft radius and haul heavy loads on even light weight tracks.
  • Color Scheme: Originally, the Wagonmasters were painted with a two-tone brown and cream color scheme for the cab, with black frames and running gear.