Crowle Peatland Railway


The Crowle Peatland Railway Society has been formed to promote the heritage and history of the peat railways on Crowle & Thorne Moors. The initial intention was to restore a Simplex loco that used to work on the moors. However we have subsequently been able to purchase a couple of Schoma locos that were amongst the last locos to be used of the moors.

Success will be dependent on having an active membership able to provide practical support, and the challenges to the project should not be underestimated – though it is believed that the society’s initial aims should be achievable within a few years.

A committee has now been formed and we are looking for help in all areas not just preservation of the loco. If you are interested in helping to form this organisation, particularly if you have skills to offer please register using this link so that we can update you with our progress.

If you are having problems signing up on the web site please can you contact me directly. – thanks.


Progress on building the new maintenance shed

Work on the building the new maintenance shed began at the beginning of January 2018. The first work to be carried out by the contractors is to build the concrete base of the shed. By 19 January the concrete foundation piles have been installed and the steel reinforcement to the concrete pad has been installed. A full set of photos can be seen in our FaceBook feed on the right.

Progress on the maintenance shed at 15 March 2018